ultimate ice bucket challenge aesthetic. 

For those of you who cant understand: “Hi I’m Donatella Fversace. Excepted the ice bucke shallenge and uh I nominate Perdon Bolfnsdkgl, Fa Rell, en Priss. Em no jus here to fruin my meku please nonate to AF’sL. No fect AHHHVHSDFDSHF”

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EAU DE GAGA: Inspired by the adventurous woman and the man who loves her.

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Low quality recording of Gaga performing “Another One Bites The Dust” with Queen and Adam Lambert in Sydney tonight (08/27). 

@adamlambert: So much fun tonight! @ladygaga 

@ladygaga: Queen

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@ladygaga: Tony Bennett & I are the stars of the @HM holiday campaign!  #CheekToCheek #HMTonyGaga

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